Bone Furniture


The Persian Carpets of furniture, bone inlay goods are making waves into beautiful homes. Heralding from Jaipur, expert craftsmen collects and sorts raw bones from traders converging from various regions. A laborious process ensues after each individually processed bone pieces have been sorted into decorative sizes. Weeks of painstaking arrangements, drying, sanding and polishings is neccessary to make these furniture stand wear and time. Bone has also found it's way into a wide variety of other decorative accessories. View our 'Bone Furniture' board on Pinterest  for some inspirations. Homlab is proud to announce that we have a variety of these conversational pieces making its way to Singapore very soon. Stay tune!

Note that special care has been take to ensure the camel bones used in our products are sourced ethically.These animals are by-products of poultry and therefore sustainable.